Internship & Apprenticeship Program

Our Vision:

To cultivate creative minds in Maine.

Our Mission:

To promote exposure and instruction to Maine’s youth and professionals new to the industry, encourage local talent and ingenuity and provide infrastructure to Maine filmmaking through a grass-roots approach.

The internship program at the MFC is designed to provide Maine’s creative minds exposure to the film industry. Interns will be able to gain first-hand knowledge of both the creative and administrative sides of movie-making. By interning with the MFC interns will also get the unique opportunity to work in a commercial environment with a green initiative, social and cultural consciousness, and dedication to harnessing and nurturing Maine talent.

The apprenticeship program is designed to shape those graduated interns who have shown promise, talent, and skill in their specific filmmaking area. The apprentice will learn industry standards, and will gain hands-on experience as a platform for a career in filmmaking. The apprenticeship program aims to create exemplary professionals in the industry, setting a standard of excellence for Maine and beyond.

Please contact us if you're interested in either an internship or apprenticeship!